Updating your life
Journey to healthier me. Cucumber, green apple, celery, carrot. #juiceshopinthebronx

Journey to healthier me. Cucumber, green apple, celery, carrot. #juiceshopinthebronx


Mom I’m sorry I don’t call as much, im sorry I don’t take you’re advice as seriously as I should. Im sorry that i express myself to regular bitches more than expressing myself to u. Bitches who I only know for like couple months just because of that powerful drug called pussy. Im sorry for calling women bitches, you never raised me in an environment to call a woman bitch but since I lost my up bringing in a cold world on my own, I seek comfort in a fake disguise, a front, a mask from the real me.

Weight of mind

Good luck she said as I embarked on my journey. Sat in the greyhound headed to a new city didn’t want to look back on her face since I knew it would hurt my belly or maybe its because I didn’t eat any breakfast as yet. She told me to let her go to follow my dreams but the weight of my mind got me feeling insecure leaving everything behind for a shot of being in the 1% of America that’s wealthy but in my heart I’ll make it.. I’ll make it and come.back for you.

Here we are

We’ve been pushed into corners many of times till we got  accustomed to it. So scared to do anything different that it fucks with your way of life and fucks with how life’s supposed to be. So here we are in the dark screaming for light, we’re so close at the end of the dark tunnel we can touch it.

Fresh air

Liberated from pressures that burden my shoulders. Brain relaxes and eases tension off of eyes. Nostrils breathe in fresh air for the 1st time in a longgg while. More often for God sakes! Been suffering from thoughts of bullshit. Need change now and this is it. Breeze feels great and cool. We needed this

One shot

No time to think about calculated steps its all or nothing, back against the wall so what’s next? you fall or sit down waiting for opportunity? Fuck that noise rise to the occasion take that one shot you’ve been sitting on you’re ass dreaming about for months. Fly and give it all you got, fuck what anybody else gotta say.

Beautiful day

From the starry darkness to sunlight, birds talk in excitement for the new day ahead. Hoops swish in the wind waiting for 1st basketball to fall in, just like the 1st stripper who gets ready for her 1st $100 bill for the day. It’s all green lights no reds a straight go for now, can you believe it, celebrate it, live it up cause life is about ups and Downs are inevitable! So we cherish the ups when they come around. Beautiful day.

Relationship blues

She said fuck u never call me back again nigga. Y lie I tried to be a good man to you and someone else’s daughter my stomach couldn’t keep that one down, so up came bullshit excuses and fears that niggas can’t keep. Broke your heart for now but in the end imma be that same nigga calling you in 2 weeks screaming I made a mistake. Under line emotional.

Imbalance of power

Didn’t acknowledge God for waking me up this morning, instead I rolled over pressed the snooze button and slept for a extra 30 minutes. No exercising my mind or my body, forgot to put on deodorant before I left for work. Damn it! How the fuck did my life get so shitty? Before this I use to be on top of this iconic city, now I act like im 80 in a 26 yr old body. Lost track of my soul. I need to guide myself back home!

No home for me.

Mom asks me when im coming home I replied no home for me this year, I gotta chase money and bitches then more money. Roller coaster lifestyle so no home for me this year im sorry I mean I want to I miss the island breeze but I got use to the concrete jungle and high buildings, women in high heels. I need to make money so I can get you a house but since I was never told how to treat money it come and goes like seasons. Fuck it how can I make it home now?